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Priest is an RPG that takes you on a adventure in which you, the exorcist, will have to cure a forgotten settlement from the evil spirits that taken over the occupants.

Choose your own path to save these mortals. Prepare yourself to do rituals, widen your skills in freeing people from their curse. Get to know the weaknesses of demons and learn various prayers which will help you banish the devil within the people. Use the blessed artefacts and seek help from your fellow priests, the bishop and the nuns. You will also receive help from people you saved such as a tailor, a barber, an alchemist, a butcher and many more. See for yourself as the community comes back to its former glory thanks to you.

Complete freedom with no restrictions during your progression through the game.
Dynamic encounters requiring prayers and artifacts picking as well as stamina management.
Over 30 demons with the unique abilities and the fighting styles.
4 skill trees to expand: classic, magic, engineer and barbarian.
Character customisation which includes wardrobe, hairstyle, skin colour and sex.
Over 50 Households to Save.
Access to a presbytery where you will prepare yourself before the fights.
Rich and dark history gathered from the saved occupants of the village.
Game in traditional co-op split screen also available.

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