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Relive the days of classic RPGS such as final fantasy and dragon quest with this faithful recreation of what a traditional RPG is all about! Set in its own world with its own lore, The cruxis sword will make you think that you were playing an RPG on a 16-bit console.


Ooroborys is a world were humans and beings called essences live side by side. No one knows the orgins of the essences (most don’t even believe they exist), but researchers know that they have something to do with the Cruxis sword (known as the crystal sword to the humans).An evil essence is on the verge of awakening the last possessor of the Cruxis sword, an ancient human king named Demilos, whom wishes to put the entire world and its kingdoms under his rule. The planet (Ooroborys) considers Demilos a threat to its existence, so it has subtly chosen 4 humans to fight against this parasite (without their prior knowledge). You control our 4 heroes as they travel the world and its kingdoms, fighting to keep Demilos from awakening.


is an optimistic 16-year old boy from Ralin villiage, a small villiage in the Labimine forest. He made contact with the planet one day with his friend Primera at an Auroa (the games take on magical energy) deposit, giving both of them powerful latent aura’s (the games take on magic). He can also be hard-headed and a little introvert with his feelings.

is more on the pessimistic side, but she is still light hearted with a good attitude, even though she can be a little smart-alecky at times. She, like Traiye, made contact with the planet through an Auroa deposit and gained the ability to use her latent aura.

is a knight captain of the ancient Shandelean civilization. She was the person tasked with killing Demilos in the first place, but only managed to seal him in his own weapon. Upon hearing about the re-awakening process of Demilos in the future, she volunteered to be put to sleep until that time to warn the people of the present of Demilos’ awakening.

is a knight of the modern Shandelean military that assists our heroes under orders from the king of Shandel. Researchers have been experimenting on Kymshi using the latest techniques in Auroa developments, making him imperative to the team.

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